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The story takes place in Savannah, Georgia, after the events in The Sacrifice. The four survivors climb up the roof to witness the last rescue helicopter leave the rooftop of The Vannah. They decide to go to a mall, where a second evacuation point is located. While on their way, they learn each others names: Ellis, Coach, Rochelle and Nick. After an encounter with Whitaker, the survivors enter the mall to discover that it is overrun, with all CEDA agents at the center either dead or infected. The group enters the mall's atrium to discover Jimmy Gibbs Jr.'s stock car and, following Ellis's plan, fuel up the car to break out of the mall where they head to New Orleans, rumored to be the last standing city in America.

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After being rescued, the helicopter pilot becomes infected, prompting Nick to shoot him and cause the helicopter to crash. The Survivors exit the wrecked helicopter to find that they have landed in a bayou. They discover a small village, where the villagers decided to fend for themselves, but ultimately failed as they were overrun. Working their way through the swamp, the survivors come across a crashed plane, dead military paratroopers, and infected swamp villagers. The previous survivors had informed any passerby to head to the Plantation House. When the survivors head there, they find a radio, which they use to contact Virgil for rescue. After fending off the horde, Virgil blasts the Plantation gate open to allow the survivors to escape on his boat before the horde could overwhelm them.

Virgil drops the group off at New Orleans, where Coach is immediately reinvigorated as they see fighter jets in the sky, revealing that the military has not abandoned the city yet; Nick however is skeptical about their presence. They decide that the bridge in the distance is the best chance of survival, but discover the corpses of non-infected people on the way. The survivors suspect that the military took over CEDA's pitiful attempts to contain the situation as they find themselves in an area being bombed by the military, and quicken their pace to the bridge. They interrupt a transmission on the bridge between the two military personnel: Papa Gator and Rescue 7, who suspect that the Survivors are Carriers. Rescue 7 is prepared to carry the Carriers, and Papa Gator informs the Survivors that they are lucky as the Military had just left the area, and that they must reach the other side of the bridge for rescue. The Survivors fight through the Infected amassed on the bridge and reach Rescue 7. As he carries the Survivors out, the fighter jets bomb the bridge to prevent the Infected from leaving the city and the pilot takes the Survivors out to a military cruise ship at sea. [3]

The Left 4 Dead games are first-person shooters incorporating survival horror elements. A player controls one of the four Survivor characters, and has the ability to move, jump, and use weapons in their possession. Players are limited to two weapons: a main firearm with limited ammunition taken from ammo caches, and either one (or two pistols) sidearm with unlimited ammunition or a melee weapon. Players also have three additional inventory slots. The third slot gives the player a thrown weapon, including a Molotov cocktail, a pipe bomb that can be used to lure a horde towards it before it explodes, or a bile jar that can be used to lure a horde to a specific area. The fourth slot provides for either a health kit which they can use on themselves or the other survivors, a defibrillator to revive a dead Survivor, or a special ammo deployment kit providing unique ammo such as explosive bullets. The fifth inventory slot is used for pain pills, giving the player a temporary health boost, or an adrenaline shot, temporarily increasing the player's speed. Some environmental objects like propane tanks or gasoline cans can be carried and thrown at hordes, upon which they can be fired upon as a makeshift explosive, but cannot be stored in the player's inventory. In Left 4 Dead 2, limited-use weapons such as the chainsaw or the machine gun can also be carried in a similar manner. The player can use whatever object they are holding to temporarily push back any Infected surrounding them.

In Left 4 Dead 2 two additional modes have been introduced. In "realism" mode, several of the video game aspects are removed from the game, such as the identification of the location of teammates via their silhouette, the respawning of dead characters later in rescue closets, and more severe damage models. The sequel also features "mutations", game modes based on either the campaign or competitive modes where specific rules may be in place. For example, one mutation may give all the Survivor characters chainsaws from the start, while another may make every unique infected appear as a specific type, such as the Tank.

The Director also creates mood and tension with emotional cues, such as visual effects, audio cues for specific types of infected, and character communication.[31] Within Left 4 Dead 2, the Director has the ability to alter placement of walls, level layout, lighting, and weather conditions, and reward players for taking more difficult routes with more useful weapons and items.[32][33] A dedicated Director routine dynamically controls music and other ambient sound effects, monitoring what a player has experienced to create an appropriate sound mix. The process is client-side and done by a multi-track system. Each player hears their own mix, which is being generated as they play through the game, and dead players watching a teammate hear their teammates' mix.[34]

To enable situational awareness of other Survivors, players are shown the health and status of their fellow survivors. If a player does not have direct sight of another Survivor (e.g. a wall is blocking their view of the others), they will be shown the Survivor's highlighted silhouette. The Survivors are also susceptible to friendly fire, forcing players to exercise caution when shooting or swinging their weapons.[13] As Survivors take damage, they move more slowly; if a Survivor's health drops to zero, they are incapacitated and left to fight off the Infected using a handgun until rescued by another Survivor. If a Survivor dies, they remain dead until the next level, unless revived by a defibrillator, or, in Campaign or Singleplayer mode, reappear in a "Rescue Closet" to be freed by other Survivors.[14] Should all Survivors die or be incapacitated, the game will end, at which point the players may restart that chapter or quit the game.

Left 4 Dead 2 also features a Realism mode, which can be enabled at any difficulty for either Campaign or Versus. This mode removes some of the video-game aspects from the gameplay: Survivors cannot see each other's silhouettes, and dead teammates can only be revived with defibrillators and will not respawn later in the level.[16] Weapons and other items will only glow when the player is within a few feet, forcing the players to search the levels more thoroughly. Headshots to enemies deal more damage, whereas limb or body shots require more shots.[17] In addition, the Witch enemy can kill any Survivor she would have normally incapacitated (on difficulties other than Easy). Designed to force players to work closely together and rely on voice communication, Valve created Realism mode to give players a way "to be challenged as a team" without having to increase the difficulty level of the game.[16]

Left 4 Dead 2 opens in Dead Center (set in Savannah, Georgia), where the four survivors find themselves abandoned on a hotel roof by rescue helicopters. They decide to head for the local mall, where a second CEDA evacuation point is located.[54] After a brief encounter with a gun store owner, Whitaker,[50] the survivors discover that the mall is overrun, with all CEDA agents having become either dead or infected as well. Ellis helps the group use a stock car to break out of the mall[8] and travel towards New Orleans, rumored to be the last standing city in America.[55]

At the start of the Dark Carnival campaign, the four survivors find the highway ahead completely blocked by ditched vehicles, and are forced to travel on foot through an abandoned (but still operating) amusement park.[42] After navigating their way to the park stadium, Coach devises a plan to use a large-scale light show on the concert stage, which had been abandoned by a rock band called The Midnight Riders, in order to signal a helicopter pilot for rescue.[59] After being rescued, they later discover that their pilot is infected. When the pilot starts attacking them, Nick is forced to kill him (echoing a similar situation in Left 4 Dead),[60] causing the chopper to crash into a bayou, which acts as the setting for Swamp Fever.[61] Working their way through the swamps, the group comes across a crashed airplane, dead military paratroopers, and isolated swamp villages which had held out against the infected but were eventually overrun. After spending the morning fighting through the swamp, the group arrives at a plantation mansion and make radio contact with Virgil, a Cajun boat captain who can assist them; however, his boat begins to run low on diesel fuel on the way to New Orleans.[62][63]

As a tumultuous hurricane approaches (the titular Hard Rain of the subsequent campaign), the survivors go ashore at Ducatel in Mississippi, after which they make their way through an abandoned (and Witch-infested) sugarcane mill to a gas station to get diesel fuel,[64] and return to signal Virgil using the neon sign of a burger chain restaurant.[65] In the final campaign, The Parish, Virgil drops the group off at New Orleans, where the military appears to be evacuating civilians across a bridge.[66] On the way there, the four discover the city overrun with infected and that the military is actually leaving the city.[67][68][69] The group manages to reach the bridge, where they make contact with the military. Judging from their dialogue, the military pilots suspect the survivors to be "carriers",[70] similar to the original survivors of Left 4 Dead. After securing their rescue helicopter, the survivors lower and cross the bridge, escaping on the helicopter just as the bridge is destroyed.[70] While the survivors' fate is left unclear after this point, the game's writer Chet Faliszek stated in a 2009 interview that the military took survivors on cruise ships to the Caribbean in an attempt to escape the infection.[71][72] 041b061a72


Willkommen in der Gruppe zu unserer Aufführung "Rasmus geht ...


Die Schule der magischen Tiere

Theaterstück für eine Schulklasse nach dem Buch von Margit Auer

Im Kinderhaus der Brunsviga in Braunschweig haben wir im Herbst 2022 das Theaterstück "Die Schule der magischen Tiere" mit Kindern aufgeführt, und eine tolle Aufführung mit fast 300 Besuchern zum Abschluss des Aufführungsworkshops erleben dürfen. Wir bemühen uns weiter darum, hier mehr Fotos aus der Aufführung zeigen zu dürfen, und bereiten zumindest einen weiteren Aufführungsworkshop mit diesem Stück vor. Interessierte Schulen oder andere Einrichtungen für Kinder können sich einfach direkt an uns wenden!

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