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Project X Icon Pack V4.6 [Paid] [Latest]

Export captions in the industry-standard CEA-608, iTT, or SRT formats. Or burn them directly into your video. When delivering, you can choose to embed caption metadata in your video file or create a separate sidecar file. Captioned videos can be exported for YouTube and Vimeo. And you can send your project to Compressor to include captions in a batch or an iTunes Store package.

Project X Icon Pack v4.6 [Paid] [Latest]

Before we begin, we should clarify that while we refer to this as a One UI 4 feature, it was introduced in One UI 3.1.1. That version was exclusive to foldable phones, though, so icon packs have only really made it to the majority of Samsung phones with One UI 4.

It'll take a moment to apply the icon pack, and then you'll be back on your home screen, staring at your lovely new icons. One of the bonuses of applying icons using this method over a third-party launcher is that it's system-wide, so you'll see the new icons in the overview menu, edge panel, and even the apps section of the Settings app. Third-party launchers still don't play well with gesture navigation in my experience, so being able to do this in the stock launcher is a major boon for users like myself.


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