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Where Can I Buy Hint Flavored Water

This is one of the most interesting things about Hint Water. Many zero-calorie flavored waters have artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucralose. Although those sweeteners are FDA approved, there is controversy about their long-term health impact.

where can i buy hint flavored water


This is similar to how flavored seltzer water brands like La Croix and Bubly are flavored without sweeteners. And just like those drinks, Hint Water can be consumed on even the strictest low-carb diets.

Watermelon is a summertime staple. It's hydrating and refreshing, a cool relief on a hot July day. It's easily enjoyed on its own, as part of a salad, or in a glass of agua fresca. Hint's watermelon-flavored still water is just as light and refreshing. The watermelon is mild, but it seems to fit given how unoffensive the intensity of the actual melon is. For the same reason, watermelon taste is best as a standalone flavor, in our opinion; Hint often offers limited-time-only mashups and seasonal combinations, but we like to enjoy watermelon on its own so it's not drowned out by companion flavors.

It's about clemen-time that more orange-flavored waters exist. In the lemon-lime-dominated world of citrus flavors, we are always happy to see more members of the orange family be given a standalone option. Hint's clementine-flavored water tasted just like a ripe tangerine. However, we could see how some Hint drinkers may be unimpressed with this one. While it does beautifully mirror a juicy wedge of orange, it also exhibits a bizarrely medicinal quality that we definitely could have done without. The closest comparisons we could pinpoint would maybe be a citrus-flavored pre-workout powder or those hard Flintstone multivitamins for children. If you know, you know.

Pineapple is a great standalone flavor, but we also think it's much better when paired to keep the taste interesting. Hint also offers a pineapple peach flavor as a limited-time-only option, as well as a coconut flavor. The coconut, while not offered in a pineapple coconut mashup, could be poured into a glass with half pineapple for a piña colada-flavored Hint water hybrid.

The blackberry-flavored Hint water was absolutely jam-packed with flavor. It tasted slightly sweet despite the brand's lack of sugar content and didn't leave us with the feeling that something was absent like other flavors did. In Hint's water, we get the smooth pleasantness of berries without the mouth-puckering tartness. The blackberry flavor seems to be underrated compared to others, especially combo flavors, but we think it stands out as one of the best. Sometimes less is more, and this is a simple classic.

Our unique fruit essences create surprisingly accurate fruit flavors without adding sugar or diet sweeteners. The result? Delicious Hint Water that tastes like pineapple, watermelon, blackberry, cherry and has zero calories. The hint Water Variety 12-Pack includes 3 bottles each of Cherry, Peach, Raspberry, and Watermelon.

4 OF OUR TOP FLAVORS: The hint Water Variety 12-Pack includes 3 bottles each of Watermelon, Blackberry, Pineapple, and Cherry. Hint is purified, unsweetened, fruit-infused water that has a fresh-picked flavor sure to satisfy your thirst.

Finally, you can buy Hint water bulk with the special offer below where you subscribe and save when buying in bulk. To my knowledge this Hint water subscription is a limited offer and can end at any time.

Like many flavored water brands, Hint benefited from a drop in sugary drink sales in 2015 as Millennials and Silicon Valley stalwarts switched to healthier beverage options. LaCroix, which has been around since 1981, didn't really see a surge in popularity until last year thanks to a strong marketing campaign and pushing the anti-soda carbonated healthy drink angle. Hint has seen similar success this year, as LaCroix thrones are being replaced by Hint thrones.

So is Hint water any good? Does it matter? Apply the standard bottled water terms: crisp, clear, best served cold, a hint of infused fruit flavor and so on. The point is that Hint has found a market niche in the mini-fridges of tech companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. While it's not falling onto the floor at Walmart or its logo adorning major sporting venues just yet, it's only a matter of time before Hint could displace LaCroix as the go-to specialty water for the masses. For now, Hint is keeping tech innovators well hydrated which will only benefit us. A hydrated brain is a better functioning brain. The next wave of smart tech will better serve us if it's not created by dehydrated confusion.

Coke had played an unwitting role in inspiring the brand. In 2004 in San Francisco, Kara Goldin was a "new media" executive with three kids and another on the way when she vowed to kick her Diet Coke habit. Eager to lose weight and plagued by acne, Goldin started drinking water that she flavored with berries and slices of fruit. She lost 45 pounds in three months and saw her skin clear up. When she tried to find a similar water product in stores, it didn't exist, so she decided to make a prototype. The day Goldin gave birth to her fourth child, in 2015, the first Hint bottles appeared on shelves at a San Francisco Whole Foods.

Hint offers a portfolio of 27 SKUs of premium 100 percent, all natural flavored waters with zero sweeteners, no calories and no preservatives in three core lineups: hint still, hint sparkling and hint kick. (Image courtesy of hint Inc.)

Excluding online sales, hint water sales are experiencing double-digit growth based on data from Chicago-based Information Resources Inc. (IRI). According to the market research firm, hint water brands saw sales increase 60.6 percent in multi-outlets and conveniences stores for the 52 weeks ending Feb. 24.

Taking it a step further, Goldin continues to parlay her passion for healthy water by working with senators and congressional representatives to open up school lunch programs so that bottled water, flavored or not, is offered as a beverage option.

Some people are sparkling water fiends because they hate the taste of plain water. As an avid water drinker who never goes anywhere without a 40-ounce water bottle, even I get bored of regular water sometimes.

As healthy, flavored waters become more popular, Hint continues to look for new ways to innovate. Last year, it expanded its product offerings to include spray-on sunscreen. You might think this is a strange offshoot for a beverage brand, but Goldin explained that Hint is growing into a general health and wellness company. To live a healthy life, you want to ensure everything you're putting both in and on your body is actually doing good.

Not all flavored waters are created equally, so there may be some waters that are good options for some people but not for others. Flavored waters that contain added sugars may not be appropriate for someone with diabetes, for example. Other waters that contain added electrolytes and vitamins may be beneficial for athletes or someone who finds themselves nutrient-depleted, such as people who have just had babies.

Yes, seeing as the base of flavored water is still water, the science of hydration theoretically works the same whether you are drinking plain tap water or you decided to start drinking water with added flavor. Truthfully, there is not much research on whether or not the addition of flavorings like fresh fruit, juice, or non-caloric flavoring packets hydrate you any better or worse than plain water. However, for certain groups of people, such as endurance athletes or people who find that they sweat heavily, drinking flavored water with added carbohydrates and electrolytes, like sodium and potassium, may further improve hydration.

Making your own flavored water at home is incredibly easy! All you need is a large pitcher or a personal water bottle, preferably with an infusion insert, and your mix-ins of choice. Simply add fruit, vegetables (try cucumber), herbs, and other flavor elements to the container (you can give it a little mash with a wooden spoon to release some of the juices if needed), top with ice and water, and stir to combine. For a more robust flavor, prepare this pitcher the night before and enjoy your infused water the next day. You can also simply drop a few pieces of frozen fruit into your water, which both chills the water and adds flavor and nutrients. We like frozen berries or frozen pineapple cubes.

Hint, the San Francisco-based company founded by entrepreneur Kara Goldin in 2005, is a healthy lifestyle brand known for its delicious unsweetened flavored water. Hint is on a mission to help the world live a healthy lifestyle by making products peo... 041b061a72


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