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7 Days To Die Backpack Mod

Alpha 20 VersionsDownload 60 slot backpack mod for A20Download 96 slot backpack mod for A20Alpha 19 VersionsDownload 60 slot backpack mod for A19Download 60 slot backpack mod with food and water bar on HUD for A19Download 96 slot backpack mod for A19Download 96 slot backpack mod with food and water bar on HUD for A19

7 Days To Die Backpack Mod

This mod only works temporarily in solo play. You can shift-click upto the standard 45 slots, anything after that is manual only. Also, if you log out, you will lose anything in 46-60 due to the game desgined for a 45 slot backpack.

3 Slot Forge - Adds an extra input slot to the forge and moves the UI around a little so there's no window overlap.12 Slot Crafting Queue - Increases the crafting queue from 4 slots to 12. Scrap everything!60 Slot Backpack - Pretty self explanitory.96 Slot Backpack - Pretty self explanitory.Always Open Traders - Removed the open/close times from traders so they always remain open.Dangerous Cities - Increases the amount of zombies in cities and towns, while lowering the amount in the wilderness.Food and Water Bars - Just the food and water bars from my above backpack mods so users can use larger backpacks if they so wish.

Thank you! I was going to ask you on your old thread if you were going to be looking at any of these this weekend but knew you had a lot going on. Good to know we can dive in to A20 with a 60 slot backpack and lockable slots

Lockable Inventory Slots - Adds the "box" from the backpack buttons modlet that allows the user to lock slots so they won't be moved OR sorted. Also adds one to vehicle inventory that does the same thing.

Pushed an update for the backpacks.- Slightly increased icon sizes on all versions (60/96 slot)- Added a % symbol to food/water as it's showing a percentage, not the actual value (so 100 on the bar at level 30 means your food/water is at 130)

Split out the food and water bars into their own modlet so folks can use those with a different backpack mod if they so wish. I'll drop the 60/96 slot backpack mods with that mod included later on.

3 slot forge seems ok.The 96 slot backpack was working for me but i've increased the windowLooting size from 11, 11 to 12, 12 which should resolve the issue. The problem is you're using a mod to increase the size of the storage chest and it's causing the error.You would need to edit the mod that increases that size, or remove it. It is NOT related to the backpack problem.Have also added an "Always Open Traders" modlet for folks who enjoy that kind of thing.

A Backpack can be crafted by placing Leather in a rectangular-pattern, leaving an empty space in the middle. As this is a 3x3 recipe, a crafting bench is required.The standard backpack provides 27 slots of storage space, the same as a chest, when used. Backpacks can also be dyed any color if dye is placed in the center of the crafting recipe.

Backpacks can be upgraded to Big Backpacks by placing Tanned Leather around them in the crafting grid. The name, color and inventory of the backpack are kept when upgrading. Only the amount of inventory slots available and the model for the backpack are changed when upgrading.

Recoloring a backpack that has already been crafted simply requires that 1 piece of dye is used alongside the item in a crafting grid. In order to revert a backpack to its natural coloring, a piece of Leather (for a normal Backpack) or Tanned Leather (for a Big Backpack) can be placed next to the backpack instead of dye.

Backpacks can be used by Right-Clicking when it is held in the player's hand. Using Sneak+Right-Click on a block that has inventory (such as a chest) will allow the player to view both the clicked inventory (in this case, the chest inventory) and backpack inventory for easier item management.

If players are looking for more loot after a fight, they'll want to install the Zombie Loot by Sechsterversuch mod. This mod allows zombies to drop 30% more backpacks all over the world that will remain on location for two hours.

Modder PhDGaming has several useful and highly praised mods for 7 Days to Die, including one that increases the storage capacity of the player's backpack and chests. The PhD Bigger Backpack and Secure Storage Chest mod increases the backpack's capacity to 120 slots and increases the storage chest to 143 slots so players can hoard more materials and items for later.

The various features of the backpack can be accessed by "opening" it, which makes it larger and easier to interact with. To open the backpack, press on the keyboard, on Xbox, on PS4, on Switch, or to select it directly using the cursor on PC or press on Xbox, on PS4 or on Switch.

The backpack has 8 slots dedicated to resource and small item storage. Items can be placed into, removed from, and rearranged within these slots manually, but as long as there is an inventory slot available, resource nuggets collected with the deform tool or items created using the backpack's printer will be automatically placed there. If all inventory slots are full, newly created or collected items will drop to the ground nearby. To quickly put items into backpack slots, + on the item; on controllers, hover over the item with Xbox: + , PS4: + , Switch: + .

There are 2 additional slots on the top left and right of the backpack, which is meant for Widgets. These are commonly used to host items such as the Solar Panel, Worklight or Portable Oxygenator. Some widgets in these slots can be toggled on and off using the context keys (PC: & , Xbox: & , PS4: & , Switch: & ), such as the Worklight, Portable Oxygenator or Small Generator. Like other attachment points, however, they can also be fitted with resource stacks or other small items for additional storage.

Pressing , , , or clicking the handle on the left side of the backpack will open the research catalog, where player can purchase Schematics using accumulated Bytes. The catalog is separated into 4 different size categories, corresponding to the four sizes of objects created by the corresponding printers. The context keys (default PC: & , Xbox: & , PS4: & , Switch: & ) can be used to move around those categories.

Using the small printer on the Backpack, items can be crafted on the go at the cost of 3 Units of Power. Cycling through the available items will automatically move the appropriate resource to the printer's input slot if it is already in the backpack. This input slot can be used to deliberately store a specific extra resource, if so desired, but be forewarned that changing the item to be printed will eject the contents of the input slot from the backpack if the rest of its inventory slots are already full.

Using this mod allows players to enjoy the benefit of a 6x13 slot backpack as opposed to a 5x9 one. This means that players can use a total of 78 inventory spaces in the game, as opposed to the 45 present in the vanilla game.

A backpack will be placed on the spot where you died. It contains the items mentioned above (unless deleted, or nothing was dropped), and a blue backpack marker will be visible on the map and compass. The backpack will stay around for some time and then disappear. The amount of time before disappearing can be found in the entityclasses.xml configuration file. As of Alpha 19, it defaults to 3600 seconds (one hour).

It can be devastating to lose a backpack filled with everything you need to survive in 7D2D. The good news is that 7 Days to Die makes it easy to locate a lost backpack. In this guide, our in-house gamers will share their tips and tricks for finding it quickly.

The primary danger in the game is zombies, which are affected by the day/night cycle; during the day, they are relatively slow-moving and easy targets and can only detect the player at fairly close ranges, but at night, they turn feral, making them move much faster and thus increasing their threat. The game also features wildlife that can be hunted for food or will hunt the player. More challenging and more aggressive varieties start to show up as the game days go on. Conflict can be avoided by using stealth and distraction. Additionally, they are drawn to regions where people (i.e., players) are active, and they will ruthlessly assault anything that gets in their way, even player-made fortifications until they are dead or the obstruction is removed. Zombies will pursue a player with the same zeal if they spot them until the player is either dead or leaves the area.

During gaming, your bag is lost when you die. Additionally, you might reappear in a different game location when you do so. You only need to search the map for your most recent coordinates to determine where the backpack might have fallen to find it.

Another method to locate your misplaced bag is to search through your game folder data. Typically, it can be found under the AppData folder. This technique can be used to track your saved games and location. Doing this gives you a clue as to where your backpack might be.

If any of the above techniques fail to return your backpack, there may be a glitch. By using cheat mode, you can replace any item you lose when you die. This has enabled our professional players to recover their lost backpacks.


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