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Proper Dos €? Mexican Power (1992) ((EXCLUSIVE))

Mexico's current relatively less-stringent environmental regulations is one of the factors that have provided an incentive for U.S. companies to locate their power plants in Mexico to produce electricity for export to California. Sempra Energy Resources has plans to complete a 600 MWe power plant near Mexicali on the Baja Peninsula by mid-2003. The $350 million plant will be built near the North Baja pipeline, is scheduled to become operational in 2003, and will be connected to the U.S. electricity grid via a 230 kilovolt transmission line. Upon receipt of the proper import and export licenses, Sempra plans to export electricity from the plant to California. InterGen is also planning to build a power plant in Baja California estado. The proposed 765 MWe project, to be located near Mexicali, calls for half of the electrical output of the plant to be shipped to California.

Proper Dos – Mexican Power (1992)


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