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[S11E21] Good News For Almost Everyone

Eric and Annie rush to the hospital after Eric wakes up with a good feeling about his heart condition. Unsure whether her parents are at the hospital due to good news or bad news, Lucy is a bundle of nerves, and it's up to Kevin to keep her thinking positively as they wait for news. T-Bone and Ruthie decide to get back together, but Martin hopes to change Ruthie's mind when he reveals that he's in love with her as well.

[S11E21] Good News for Almost Everyone

After Eric receives good news about his heart, the Colonel and Ruth decide to give him and Annie an RV as a gift. As a result, they decide to take the family on a cross-country trip in it. Upon hearing their news, Lucy starts to panic because she and Kevin were planning on taking on jobs in Crossroads. Lucy then decides to invite herself, Kevin, Savannah, Sandy, and her boyfriend along on their adventure.

As for the rest of the case- it wasn't nearly as good as Slade was. Knowing that there were kids involved and the team was racing against the clock to save them, you knew what the outcome would be- they would be saved. The show almost never goes down that well so it was fake dramatics, and I didn't particularly care for the guy who actually abducted the kids. Perhaps if the two boys had died and another group of kids were kidnapped this would have been better- at least we'd know from a narrative standpoint that there is no guarantee for survival for the next group. 041b061a72


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