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Good Time To Buy Laptop 'LINK'

Amazon Prime Day is a very popular option for buying electronics if you have a Prime membership, and you can find excellent deals if you act fast. The tricky thing is knowing exactly when Prime Day happens. In 2020, it was pushed all the way back to October, but generally, Amazon holds it sometime in early July. Watch for alerts about Amazon Prime Day and you should see notifications a few weeks before the final dates are set.

good time to buy laptop

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and generally the full several-day stretch starting with Thanksgiving remain excellent times to shop for electronics deals, which are advertised prominently and inspire the famed holiday rush.

Because of that rush, we suggest narrowing your search down to several different computer models you like, and then setting alerts or saving webpages for easy access once the Black Friday deals begin. This makes it easier to quickly buy a new laptop without worry about inventory levels and time crunch.

This may be more likely to happen in professional settings, where accessories and devices ordered for business work require certain connections. If your laptop is incompatible with the tools you need to work with, start talking about devoting money to a laptop upgrade.

Although they've caught some flak over the years, Chromebooks provide a lightweight OS that Windows and Mac can't touch, offering an incredibly convenient and functional experience with much lower system requirements. We've reviewed hundreds of the best laptops over the years, testing for important qualities like performance, battery life, and display quality. And we've found that Chromebooks consistently excel at performance and reliability. You can find Chromebooks from Google, HP, Lenovo, Acer, and many others, and we've dug through them to find the best Chromebooks on the market.

The Chromebook laptops we've assembled here are something special. They offer solid performance, excellent functionality, and enough diversity to handle just about any need. Read on to see which models you should consider and maybe even acquire for yourself.

Best Buy often has some of the best laptop deals around thanks to its focus on popular brands at affordable prices. Competing aggressively with the likes of Amazon, Best Buy has the advantage of allowing you to collect much of its huge wealth of stock in-store as well as order online. Whatever your plans and whether you're looking for a gaming laptop or something a little simpler, we've picked out the pick of the Best Buy laptop deals going on right now.Today's top Best Buy laptop deals

Certain stores and manufacturers may have sales on laptops throughout the year. But experts argue that the spring, late summer and the holiday season are generally the best times to buy a laptop (if you want a discount). Of course, it all depends on what you want. You might need to wait for the new models to arrive to buy a laptop with a particular feature. And even if you want an inexpensive laptop, one of the older models may not be the right fit for you.

If you're looking to buy a new computer sometime soon, you may well wonder how to properly time your purchase to get the best deal. Are there certain times of the year that are better for buying a new computer?

Black Friday: This day, in particular, is a beneficial time to save. As any avid shopper knows, Black Friday lands on the day after Thanksgiving. Most retailers are now closed on Thanksgiving, which has the effect of making Black Friday a more prominent shopping holiday.

Back to school season: Many children and college students are in the market for computers at this time, and so that's a good time to find deals, especially if your state has a sales-tax-free weekend in the summer to encourage shoppers to open their wallets.

That said, while tax holidays can be an advantageous time for students and adults to buy a desktop or laptop, there are sometimes limits on how much the computer can cost to avoid sales tax. You may get a sales tax holiday on a $1,000 laptop but not a $3,000 desktop, for instance.

For much of the early 2020s, the best time to buy a desktop computer, laptop or whatever electronic device you wanted was immediately. If you were in need, and you found one with a good price, you were advised to get it, then and there.

When shopping for a new computer, prioritize what you're looking for: Do you want the best price or the newest product? While you can find discounts for desktop and laptop computers during the holidays for all brands, you may want to buy an Apple computer at a different time if the goal is to get the lowest price. In other words, if a new Apple product comes out, you'll want to look at what the new desktop or laptop replaced. You may want to buy an older version, which is likely to be offered at a steep discount.

As for the best time to buy an Apple desktop or laptop, Brown suggests typical shopping holidays and holiday weekends. That said, she says she has had particular luck getting good deals on Apple laptops and desktops during Black Friday.

If you're interested in a Microsoft laptop, it's best to stick to shopping holidays and the aforementioned times of year. Brown says that if you don't end up buying a desktop or laptop during the holidays, you'll have plenty of other chances to get a good deal.

Price. Dan Gudema, founder of SEO Turbo Booster and a software developer based in Boca Raton, Florida, says that the bigger your family, the better the odds that you should not purchase a new computer every time you need to buy one. "We don't believe it is necessary to buy new computers and often an upgrade is all you need to take what you have and make it work better," Gudema says.

Gudema and his wife have two school-aged sons. In total, they have five computers; two are Gudema's for work. Sometimes, they'll purchase new computers, but Gudema has had luck buying used computers off of Craigslist. If you're interested in buying used Apple products that have been tested by Apple and come with a one-year warranty, check out the "refurbished" section on

Both Lynch and Gudema say that if you see a computer with 4 gigabytes, it's extremely cheap, and you should steer clear. Brown agrees that 8 gigabytes should be your minimum. "If you tend to keep lots of programs open at the same time, or lots of web browser windows, more memory will reduce the amount of time you spend waiting to switch between them or load new ones," she says.

So what can you expect from Black Friday laptop deals? Read on below! Then, consider signing up for the DealNews Select newsletter to keep track of the latest deals in your inbox, or download our app to have them at your fingertips.

As with most items, doorbuster deals on laptops will be seen mostly on Black Friday, with the odd exception or two popping up the day before. Expect stores to use eye-catchingly low Chromebook and bargain machine prices to lure in customers.

But if last year is any indication, you'll have a better chance of finding a solid price, particularly on mainstream machines, three days later. Fittingly, Cyber Monday is when we typically see the most Editors' Choice deals on laptops of all makes, models, and price lows when it comes to Broadwell Core i5 and i7 laptops.

If you're shopping for a current-generation Skylake machine, don't be afraid to hold out for a good price. Last year, we didn't see the prices on these laptops drop significantly until the days following Cyber Monday.

Unlike Chromebooks, there's still room for bargain machine prices to fall, and this year we expect they will dip below last year's doorbuster price of $149. We anticipate these laptops to be priced as low as $110 for a 15.6" machine with at least 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive. That may seem unbelievable, but few people thought $149 was possible last year either, and that most definitely happened.

While we saw prices on mainstream laptops hit the $300 mark in 2015, this year we expect them to dip below it. Doorbuster prices on laptops with Intel Core i5 Broadwell processors will go as low as $270. For that price, you'll get at least 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive, but we wouldn't be surprised if you get as much as 1TB of storage.

If you want a more powerful machine, laptops with Core i7 Broadwell processors will go as low as $400. However, you can step up to a current-generation machine for not too much additional cash. We expect to see prices on Core i5 Skylake laptops to drop to $300, while i7 Skylake machines will go as low as $449.

There's a little deception happening, too. Large companies have started publishing their deal calendars. But beware: These can push you to purchase at the wrong time. If you find such a calendar, remember to compare it to an objective one provided by a neutral third party like, or, ahem, yours truly.

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