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Places To Buy Nursing Scrubs ((BETTER))

When it comes to medical uniforms, scrubs are one of the most commonly used types of uniforms. A lot of people in the health care industry wear it including some hospital staff, doctors, nurses, home health aide workers, caretakers, pharmacy technicians, vets, physical therapy assistants and more.

places to buy nursing scrubs

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If you are just starting out in a job that requires you to wear scrubs or your old and used scrubs are no longer in good condition, you may be looking for places where you can buy scrubs online or near you for the best price.

Pulse Uniform has scrubs and uniforms available from more than 40 brands. It carries brands like Adar, Cherokee, Dickies, Landau, and Healing Hands. You can get free shipping on orders of $40 or more. Plus, when you sign up for emails, you can get 10% off on your first purchase.

Scrubs & Beyond also has a great selection of scrubs. You can shop in-store or online. Some of the brands it carries include Barco, Cherokee, and Dickies. It also carries its own line of scrubs called Beyond Scrubs.

Shop the best nursing scrubs and medical uniforms at The Uniform Outlet. Your favorite brands like Sanibel Scrubs, Healing Hands Scrubs, Cherokee Medical Uniforms, and more are always in stock and ready for you to look your best in.

Services available: Yau Hoe Garment Co, established in 1983 has been in the corporate uniform industry for decades. Reliable and trustworthy, they have a small in house team of tailors who will be able to help with small customisations that you may require like different hem colours e.t.c.. They offer both reusable medical nursing scrubs and other customisation options like embroidery, printing and alteration services.

Lazada is the go to market place to get regional brands. Selection is limited but you will be able to purchase medical nursing scrubs from some China retailers. Products will take a while to arrive and quality may not be the best, be sure to read the reviews.

Shopee is the go to market place to get regional brands. Similar to Lazada, they do have a small collection of medical nursing scrub brands. You will be able to purchase medical nursing scrubs from some China retailers. Products will take a while to arrive and quality may not be the best, be sure to read the reviews.

We want all medical field professionals to be comfortable while they work which is why we have custom medical scrubs for men and medical scrubs for women to choose from. Super Shoes carries an abundance of name brand medical and nursing clothes lines including WonderWink, Med Couture, Cherokee Workwear, Koi, Healing Hands, Nurse Mates, Willow Brook, and more.

At Super Shoes, we want our selection to match exactly what the scrubs customer is shopping for. Four major elements are heavily considered prior to bringing a garment into our stores which mirror what our customers are expecting in well-made scrubs.

If you're askiong yourself where to buy scrubs, Super Shoes is among the leading providers of doctor scrubs and nursing shoes due to its large and carefully curated selection of brand lines, print and color options, and size ranges. Each line of scrubs are chosen with the customer in mind as we pride ourselves on offering one of the largest selections of fashionable yet functional attire.

Hello all! I just moved to a smaller area and now am pretty limited on my options for purchasing scrubs. I was told to try buying some online. There are tons of sites though. I am not much of an online shopper so any suggestions would be great.. Where is the best place to buy scrubs online?? Also, what is your favorite scrub brand and why?

I use for the past 11 years. They have constant sales in brand name scrubs (I wear Cherokee and Dickies) and they have their own line which is reasonable, and durable. I also get my littmann sethoscopes from there as also get a percentage off of your order when you reorder as well.

I'm also in a rural area. If you check around at second hand shops, you might be surprised! I just discovered one in a nearby town that carries a very large supply of scrubs, most of which are new with tags. I've heard they buy out the remaining scrubs from the nearby hospital's scrub shows & resell them at $10 each (& they are name brand!). They sell used scrubs for $5 & the supply I've seen look like they were not worn much & in nearly new condition. Online, I've ordered from Tafford's & Lydia's.

I like aviator scrubs but I hate their woman's top (it's too baggy so maybe a smaller size for me). What I plan on doing in the future is order a different scrub top from a different provider as we can do white scrub tops at all hospitals except one. If they don't have your color, it could be 4-6 weeks before the stuff arrives. I think mine shipped in 3 weeks with the custom color.

Allheart takes forever whenever I order items from them. I think it took about two months to receive all of my "in stock" scrubs that became out of stock 3 weeks later. They did not bother telling me that their instock items were not in stock.

Allheart has a big selection of scrubs in all price ranges. But what I like most about allheart is that it also has different sizes (for instance xxs, or xs tall) that some online scrub stores don't offer. I've also recently ordered off of Metro Uniforms and shipping was fast and returns easy!

I like metro uniforms and all heart as well. I also purchased some scrubs from rmf scrubs. I'm still looking for attractive scrubs for plus size petites. I would like to try on a bunch of scrubs from different companies.

If you have money to burn and want some really excellent scrubs, there's Sassy Scrubs, too. They custom make scrubs. You pick the fabric, style, and size, they make them and send them too you. I used them for my maternity scrubs. They make really good scrubs. Their workmanship is great. They are a bit pricey, though.

Between moving into a new house and both my hospitals going to standardized scrub colors, I'd like to sell my old scrubs. Can anyone recommend a place to sell used scrubs? Ebay and Cragislist both seem too vague in terms of categories.

I'm currently looking for Scrubs and I don't know where else to buy used scrubs, other than eBay or Craigslist, but I can't afford new. It seems ur best bet is to post there. Also I think Facebook has online yard sale dealies.

Problem with a consignment shop is that they are probably going to take 30% of whatever the scrubs sell for which is likely to be in the $1-$3 an item range. The best bet is to just donate them to the goodwill/salvation army and take the tax write off.

Affordable Uniforms works hard to give you the best prices on all of your healthcare apparel, scrubs & uniforms, nursing shoes, and accessories & equipment. When you shop in any of our retail stores you can receive these benefits and know that you're getting the best deal anywhere. Not all offers below are available online or onsite.

We are Columbus' largest scrub uniforms store with over 8,000 square feet devoted to nursing scrubs and medical uniforms, nursing shoes, and medical accessories like stethoscopes, BP cuffs, nursing bags, nursing gifts, and a lot more! We have a huge selection of women's scrubs and medical uniforms from the brands you love, like Grey's Anatomy, Koi, Cherokee, Dansko, Barco, Littmann, and many more; and we sell at everyday low prices! We guarantee the lowest price - if you find a lower advertsied price we'll match it! Not enough? Join the A List and save $10 whenever you spend $250.

Since 1995 Affordable Uniforms has been providing the best selection of scrubs and uniforms to North East Ohio, now we are offering the same to Columbus! We strive to give you the best selection, prices, and service every day. Shop at our scrub store in Gahanna and see the difference.

Besides, red is also not recommended since it reminds patients of blood, warnings and wrongdoings. Thus, burgundy or syrah red scrubs are the alternatives if you want a dressy yet professional look in the workplace.

Location: Melbourne, Australia - Online brand offers worldwide shipping.Wearing scrubs, which fills us with confidence, gives us the feeling of confidence through self-expression and comfortability, is an extraordinary experience that can make you happier at work.

Location: 23/9-15 Sinclair Street, Arundel, QLD, Australia (4214)For those who have more freedom in wearing nursing scrubs and need something new to stir up the work day, Cherokee Uniform can be a right choice for you since they provide fresh designs ranging from affordable to premium medical apparels such as polo shirts, morden-cut tops and colorful print shirts. Although they have not opened official stores in Australia at the moment, you can find and buy their products at Medeleq. Their local retailer in the Gold Coast area.

Location: 39/38 Kendor street, Arundel QLD, Australia (4214)Absolute Apparel is a distributor specialising in uniforms and workwear with 40+ brands. They offer returns for products having manufacturing faults, personalized service for your team and sample ordering for quality check. Disadvantages from the brand are the number of medical scrub products is still limited and there is less flexibility in color offering, but the Absolute Apparel can satisfy your needs for traditional and formal nursing scrub designs.

It depends on how many shifts you work per week, as well as your ability to launder your scrubs appropriately (and any other factors, like how often your scrubs may become contaminated between patients).

Accuwear is your one-stop-store for scrubs in Western Canada. They have the largest scrub store location in Western Canada and also have the largest selection and variety of scrubs and accessories in one location.

If you reside in Canada, USA, Australia, or South Africa, visit any of the aforementioned stores to buy scrubs or better still, order online and your scrubs will be delivered to you at home or in your office/hospital. 041b061a72


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