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[S6E15] The One That Could Have Been (1) !!HOT!!

Rachel comes into Central Perk to announce to her friends that Barry (her ex-fiancé) and Mindy (her ex-maid of honor) are getting divorced, because apparently, Mindy caught him cheating on her. Rachel begins to wonder what life might be if she didn't run out on her wedding and actually married Barry. Ross begins to imagine what life would be if he was still married to Carol. Monica asks what would happen if she was still overweight (She notes that she and Chandler wouldn't be dating in that scenario; Chandler is offended that everyone thinks he's that shallow, but Ross clarifies that they actually think that Monica was that fat). Joey wonders what if he never got fired from Days of our Lives, Chandler imagines what if he had quit his job & wrote stories for The New Yorker, and Phoebe wonders what if she had taken a job offer at 'Merrill Lynch' (A massage client said that she had a knack for stocks, but at the time she thought that everything that rhymed was true and so thought she would need to live in a box, eat lox, and have a pet fox). The six friends imagine if these alternate realities occurred at the same time, and wonder if they would still hang out together occasionally.

[S6E15] The One That Could Have Been (1)


Rachel comes into Central Perk to tell Monica of her invitation to Joey's apartment despite being married and learns from her that he does this with a lot of women, her being one of them. Rachel wishes she was on a break with Barry for just some time and discovers that Monica is a 30-year old virgin. Monica is just waiting for the perfect guy to have sex with. Her boyfriend Roger is not perfect, but maybe, she should just "get it over with." Rachel tells her she should do it, as sex shouldn't be a big deal.

While visiting Phoebe in hospital, Ross and Monica discover smoke coming from her in the bathroom, which Phoebe claims is just a side-effect. Ross answers a phone call that is for Phoebe. After he finishes, he says that Jack called to make sure Phoebe was getting better, but he tells Monica that she has actually been fired.

With Applejack and Rarity's help, the Cutie Mark Crusaders prepare to begin their cookie drive. Rainbow Dash arrives to help out too, and Applejack warns her not to do anything that could potentially ruin the fillies' night. Rainbow promises to behave herself.

The Crusaders then spend several hours selling cookies door-to-door until almost all of their boxes have been sold. Rainbow Dash eagerly waits to see the results of her prank, but she notices that all of Ponyville has gotten eerily quiet. She flies around town looking through ponies' windows and sees cookies and cookie boxes scattered everywhere, but there are no ponies in sight. At Sugarcube Corner, she finds Mrs. Cake in the kitchen eating cookies. When Mrs. Cake turns around, her mouth is covered in rainbow, and she groans like a cookie-craving zombie. Pinkie Pie, Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake also appear exhibiting similar behavior.

Unfortunately, Rarity, Applejack, and the Crusaders have already eaten the joke cookies and have now turned into zombies as well, making Rainbow the only non-zombie left. The rest of the zombies break into the barn and close in on Rainbow. As she is backed into a corner, she admits that her prank was supposed to be funny, but this is not funny at all. With Rainbow's admission, the ponies suddenly drop the charade, having been only acting like zombies until now.

Applejack reveals that, after Rainbow told Pinkie of her plan to prank the whole town, Pinkie orchestrated the fake zombie plague to teach Rainbow a lesson. Because Rainbow doesn't see the humor in this prank, she realizes how she has been making everyone else feel with her own pranks. She apologizes to the others for getting carried away and starts thinking of ways to top their zombie prank, much to the other ponies' sheer disbelief.

I find the visuals and staging of this scene in the Miami boatyard to be very interesting. I think that Chase may have used the scene to make a purposeful contrast between the Miami baddies and our New Jersey Mafiosi. The Miami guys look so slick, stepping out of a luxury car in their fine clothes. The characters and location look like something that could have been shot for Miami Vice:

The woman who slapped him is Corlina, one of two dates that Picard set up and she found out a while back. She leaves in a huff and he turns around to find his two closest friends, Cortan "Corey" Zweller and Marta Batanides mockingly applauding him. Q appears in the room after Corey and Marta have left and convinces him he is back in the year 2327. Q explains it is two days before the fight with the Nausicaan, which Picard must choose whether to stop or not. Picard is adamant not to stop the fight in case he changes the timeline. Irritated, Q promises that nothing Picard does here will cause any major changes or affect anyone but himself. Frankly, he states, Picard is not that important. Satisfied, Picard accepts Q's terms and goes along in stopping the fight. By this time Picard realized that he is late for another date at the bar with an older woman named Penny.

The next morning Picard wakes up to a soft caress on his earlobe and turns in bed to Marta. He is shocked to see it isn't Marta at all, but Q, who says to Picard, "Morning, darling." Q begins taunting him about his relationship with Marta. Picard meets her again, who expresses regret over what they did, fearing that it could have irreparably damaged their friendship. Later, the three friends go to the bar for one last big night out before they get shipped off to their first assignments. Picard tries to engage his two friends in conversation, but both are already feeling distanced from him so it is an awkward and strained affair. Suddenly the three Nausicaans taunt Corey about the game of dom-jot they'd played. Corey gets angry and tries to fight the Nausicaan, but Picard stops him by shoving Corey on to the floor. The Nausicaans walk away laughing, and Picard tries to explain himself to Corey and Marta, meekly telling Corey that the Nausicaan was reaching for a weapon, but the two just walk away from him in disgust. At that point, Q appears and congratulates him; the fight has been avoided, and he is now alive with a real heart.

Picard, in disbelief, goes to Ten Forward to get a second opinion from Commander Riker and Counselor Troi sitting together at a table. Picard soon discovers that he won't be promoted any time soon because he "just doesn't take risks" and "doesn't stand out." Picard then asks them if he is a good officer for command. They both agree that he is too timid and has never completed any big goals that he has attempted for himself. Riker and Troi are then called to the bridge and La Forge summons Picard to deliver a report for which he has been waiting. Dejected by all this, Picard goes off to deliver the report to La Forge and calls to Q from a turbolift about the situation, asking if it amusing that he is now a dreary man with a tedious job. The doors open back into the white space where Q is waiting.

"Change them? You mean change the past? Q, even if you have been able to bring me back in time somehow, surely you must realize that any alteration in this timeline will have a profound impact on the future.""Please! Spare me your egotistical musings on your pivotal role in history. Nothing you do here will cause the Federation to collapse or galaxies to explode. To be blunt, you're not that important."

As Leonard is reading the sixth "Harry Potter" book, Sheldon spoils it for him by telling him that Dumbledore dies. Leonard comments that if he had told Sheldon about the huge spoiler, Sheldon would have complained about it for weeks. Sheldon asks if Leonard is going to have a hissy fit, which he attributes to the estrogen levels in the soy milk that he drinks due to his Lactose intolerance. Leonard retorts that Sheldon is annoying, controlling and that he dislikes his current living situation. Blithely, Sheldon interrupts Leonard. In return, Leonard then repeats that Sheldon is the most annoying person he knows. Leonard walks away, declaring not to endure any more, while Sheldon quotes the Roommate Agreement. Leonard disposes of the Agreement contract. Nonetheless, Sheldon cites section 27, paragraph 5 and that, like the American flag, it cannot touch the ground. As Leonard leaves the apartment, Sheldon tells him that Dobby the Elf dies in the seventh Harry Potter book.

At Howard and Bernadette's apartment, Raj delivers Howard's suitcase that he had borrowed two years ago. The Wolowitzes are off to a conference in Las Vegas with some of Bernadette's colleagues as a bonus. Bernadette gives the reason for this trip: a new dandruff shampoo had that caused anal problems is to be relabeled as a cure, saving the company money. Howard asks Raj to look in on his mother because she has been depressed since her dentist boyfriend dumped her. First, Raj complains that he is single and that Saturday is his party night. Howard scoffs at him and Raj agrees to the errand.

Howard checks on Raj and finds Raj in Howard's old bed wearing his silk pajamas. Mrs. Wolowitz calls him for breakfast, while Howard warns him that his mother will imprison him. Raj is doubtful until he discovers that his clothes have been hidden.

Sheldon confronts Penny; Penny is unaware of her misdeed. Sheldon replies that the situation is untenable because of her and Leonard. Penny concurs with him, and that the truth is that she is hesitant to have Leonard living with her, but does not want to break his heart because she loves him. The two finally conclude that each of them is going to have to tell their significant other the truth.

In Las Vegas, Howard and Bernadette are putting on ice packs due to a misbegotten sexual stunt, when Raj sends Howard an urgent video chat for help. Howard tells him that he wanted a woman in his life and now he has one. Bernadette asks if they should go and rescue him and Howard replies that they will just have to see him at his Bar Mitzvah. 041b061a72


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